Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ottoman Recover

I am sooooo excited about my new sewing machine.

My first sewing project is to recover our existing black pleather ottomans. Not only are they pleather, but they don't go with our decor and there is a small tear in the top of one of them. Recovering them is the perfect solution, and now that I have my sewing machine (and the internet, on which you can find a YouTube video, amazing blog post or tutorial on how to do anything, )I can make the new covers myself- yay!

First step- find a good tutorial. Check!
Seriously, thank you to all smart and talented people who put up how-to's. The internet (= google) and Pinterest are amazing places, without which I would have no idea how to do anything from cook meals to decorate my house. It's true, you know it.
I followed the tutorial pretty much as written. Although, I did add a couple of additional steps.

- After sewing three side panels together (as written) I wrapped them around the ottoman and pinned the fabric before I sewed the four panel. This allowed me to make sure I had a good fit before I sewed the last panel and made sure I wouldn't have to make adjustments after I added the last panel.
- I also used a staple gun to tack down the bottom edge to the underside of the ottoman. So, a re-cover, not a slip cover.

I have quite a few ideas for future projects and I can't wait to do more sewing. Next up, update my blah curtains. Stay tuned!

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  1. You amaze me with your projects! What a fantastic job



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