Friday, February 3, 2012

Embroidered Onesies

This weekend I went to a baby shower for my friend Sarah. She is having a little girl and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to use my new embroidery machine!

I was able to download some adorable nautical designs from Embroidery Designs and Ann the Gran, load them on to my machine and after multiple hours of studying the instruction manual a few simple steps...

I had four adorable embroidered onesies! In case you are curious, here is how I made them.

1. Washed and dried the onesies.
2. Used a soft iron on stabilizer and a water soluble topper.
3. Layered the stabilizer (bottom), then fabric, then topper (top) all in the embroidery hoop and locked it in my machine.
4. After the embroidery finished, cut back both topper and stabilizer.
5. Ironed on another layer of soft stabilizer over the back of the embroidery- just to cover the edge of the design (to keep the back of the embroidery from scratching the baby's soft skin).
6. Washed and dried onesies again to remove the topper.

They turned out SO cute. Sarah was happy, she looks beautiful and her shower was wonderful. I can't wait to meet her little one.

I am also super excited to start embroidering and sewing EVERYTHING for this little cutie pie:
Yes, that is my niece, Brooksley. How sweet is that little face? Can't wait to get started on designing her wardrobe!

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