Monday, January 23, 2012

Starfish Basket Accents Tutorial

Recently, I have been inspired and had the desire to get crafty. In fact, I have a big new addition arriving on Wednesday... a new sewing and embroidery machine!

I am sooooo excited about it. I have a whole list of projects lined up.
Until then, though, I have been preparing for the new arrival by shopping for fabric and sewing supplies, stripping down the settee (with the help of Steve) that I am going to reupholster, organizing my crafting supplies and working on small projects.

Like, my new starfish basket accents!
Let me say this. This project is about as simple as they get.

But quite cute, don't you think?


Baskets (to hide things like DVD's and Wii games, say)
Jute cord
Starfish (I ordered mine here)
Glue gun
Fray check

Measure jute cord by wrapping it around the basket handle to judge where the starfish looks best.
Cut the jute, one length per basket/starfish.
Apply fray check to edges of jute. Allow to dry.
Make loop with jute- around the handle of the basket- (I like the look of a "tear drop" shape, and thought that that allowed the starfish to lay better, so that is how I made mine) and use glue gun to glue edges together. Allow to dry.
Apply hot glue to back of starfish finger and attach it to the jute.

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