Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nautical Knot Rope Door Stop

Look at the adorable rope door stop that I whipped up this weekend!

I was inspired by some pretty cute pictures that I found on Google and posted on my Pinterest board. 

At first, I had some difficulty tying the Monkey Fist knot just using an animation, but after finding this tutorial, I was able to follow along while the guy was knotting, and TA-DA! Monkey Fist was knotted. Thank you to Design Sponge for the step-by-step.

So, if you want to make one, too, I would suggest following the tutorial and step-by-step above.
I am so excited about our new little friend. One of our french doors has the tendency to want to sneak closed, and now, we have the perfect solution.

Happy Naut-ing!

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