Friday, January 6, 2012

Handrolled Sushi

Yum. We love sushi. I could eat sushi everyday and never get tired of it.
So what could be better than making our own sushi dinner smorgasbord? Not much!

We used brown rice, cucumber, real crab meat, tuna, fresh basil and avocado and came up with some delicious rolls.

First we prepped our veggies and fish, while our brown rice cooked in our rice cooker.
To get sticky rice, add about 1 & 1/2 cup water to 1 cup rice, rice wine vinegar and a little sugar & salt. There are lots of great tutorials online that can help you cook the perfect sushi rice. One good website with video tutorials is My Sushi Daddy.
After perfecting the rice and prepping the other foods, we started rolling. Seaweed = rough side UP. Press a thin layer of rice mix onto rough side of seaweed.
Flip seaweed over, so shiny side is now up and rice side is on your sushi rolling mat (I cover mine with a gallon sized plastic bag, for easy clean up.) Place fish, veggies, etc on seaweed.
Use sushi mat to roll sushi into a sushi log!
Use a very sharp serrated, wet knife (I wiped my knife off before each cut and dunked it in a tall glass of water with a splash of rice vinegar) to cut sushi log in half, the place the two halves side by side for easy cutting.
Once they are cut, they are ready to eat! Garnish as you like, we added tuna to some, chili powder to a few of the crab rolls and some Siriracha to spice up our tuna rolls.


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