Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Jessica!

Happy Birthday to my friend, Jessica! Today, she turns one year older (hey, it's not polite to reveal a lady's age!) and a one step closer to becoming a kido-tooth doctor! Yay!

Jess- have a great day and I am so excited for your upcoming move to Charleston, SC and the beginning of your career as a pediatric dentist. It is going to be the biggest and greatest year yet! Between graduation, moving to the BEST city ever and starting your residency, I would say that this year is yours for the taking.

Can't wait for dinner and Skinny Girl Marg's tomorrow night!

Monday, March 29, 2010

When life gives you limes...

Make lime juice ice cubes!

So, for our wedding, my mom and Tom bought over 250 limes- yes, 250 limes! We used them for centerpieces, escort cards and to make the delicious limeade that we served to our guests as they arrived at the venue and throughout the evening. For all of that, we needed lots of the little green guys. They looked (and tasted) perfect at the wedding, but the question was what to do with them after?
Leave it to my mom's friend Anna to come up with the solution!
She suggested that we juice all of the limes and freeze them into ice cubes for later use. Love it!

Steve and I went and got adorable citrus shaped ice trays, a juicer and I spent Sunday afternoon making juice. It was fun and now we have tons of juice ready to be frozen into citrus shaped disks. So cute! They will be perfect for the coming summer months- limeade on the patio or fresh margs with a fiesta! I can't wait to try them out.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Engagement Session Post

Our photographers, Jeff and Ana Kathrein's blog post of our engagement session photos can be found here.
Jeff and Ana are AMAZING and we can't wait to see our wedding photos!

Fun with Friends

This weekend was a great beginning to our married life! It began by making our marriage offical (on paper, that is.)

We received an exciting envelope in the mail on Friday... our marriage license! It was addressed to "Mr. and Mrs. Steven Ryan," and I loved it! Now I can begin the process of getting all of my documents changed over to my new surname, Mrs. Danielle Ryan. :o)

Friday evening we had a visitor, Saturday was house shopping during the day and celebrating a birthday at night. Today was spent cleaning up and trying to find a place to put things (by me) and working at REI (by Steve.)

Friday night Mason came to stay with us for the Monument Ave. 10k. We were happy to have her here and in honor of her stay, we made the AMAZING shrimp fried rice recipe that she gave to me for my bridal shower. The food was yummy and the company even better. Great job on the race, too, Mason!

Saturday was a full day of house hunting. We are excited about finding our first home and have looked at many places... Time is running out for the tax credit and we want to cash in! But, finding the perfect combination of location, space, appealing floor plan and, of course, price has proven to be waaaay more challenging than we expected. We have been interested in a few, but haven't found "the one" yet.

Saturday night, we celebrated with Courtney and Jeff for Jeff's birthday. It was a ton of fun going out for sushi and drinks with two of our favorite friends. We tried out the new Fan bar, Sullivan's. It was packed with tons of (non-smoking) party peeps, there was good music, yummy drinks and great friends. Happy Birthday, Jeff!

Today, I have had HGTV on all day while getting things organized and trying to pack a little. We have so many boxes and packing materials because of all the packages we have been getting, so we are trying to pack up our things a little at a time in preparation of the move. It is great in theory, but has turned our office (and living room) into a storage space! Only a couple more months...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Anchors Away!

Eeek! I love it!

Sisters- I ask, why did Tiffany&Co. not have this perfect little gem when we were anchor hunting? Lil' Corb, you would have had one of these beauties dangling from your neck, for sure.

So, I am not saying, I'm just saying... I would still love to have one of these!

litb my dg sistas!

Welcome Wedding Season...

It was stated by the three bridesmaids in our wedding who are engaged and going to be married this year that our wedding was the "Season Opener" to wedding season. I love it! and since I have really been in the field "practicing" this year, I am pretty darn sure it is going to be one amazing season!

Here is the schedule:
March 20, 2010- Danielle & Steve (check!)
May 1, 2010- Corbin & Tyler
June 5, 2010- Becky & Brody
September 4, 2010- Jenni & Ryan
September 18, 2010- Mason & Jason
September 24, 2010- Lauren & Tom

Yesterday, I accompanied one of these amazing women, Corbin, to her final wedding gown fitting. We had a blast and she looked gorgeous!! I won't give any more details, but I will say, she is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L! Corbin and Tyler's big day is quickly approaching and we are looking forward to a fantastic wedding and celebration. Corbin's wedding website is here: corbin&tyler. So pretty.

So, as we say "hello" to spring and to, smile , wedding season, we also say "helllloooo" to, devilish grin, bachelorette party season... see you in Vegas, ladies!

*image courtesy of The Knot

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Picture of the Day

So, Steve and I were totally inspired by our good friends Courtney and Jeff to carry on their tradition of taking... the picture of the day. We have decided that we, too, are going to document our days of newlywed-ness by capturing at least one snap a day. Thank you Mini and Jeff for the great idea! You can see all their pictures here: mini&jeff.

Thus, our first POTD post:
Opening wedding gifts! When I arrived home tonight, Steve was diligently working on thank you notes- I know, he is great, right? I was able to pry him away and we had a blast opening presents that were waiting for us when we came back from the wedding. We had a stack nearly as tall as Steve of C&B boxes waiting for us upon our return- so exciting!! There is something so wonderful about unwrapping a present, the anticipation of what is inside and then the fun of discovering the treasure- eek! I love it. We have received some amazing and generous gifts and can't wait to use everything- Come on over, we have plenty of party ready pieces just waiting to serve you!

And Then There Were Two

On Saturday, the biggest event that has ever happened in my life- happened. Steve and I tied the knot and became husband and wife! It was a beautiful day, lovely ceremony (if I do say so myself!) and the reception was super fun. We loved seeing all our favorite faces in the world as we looked around and were so touched by all of the love and support our family and friends showed us. It was truly amazing and we are so lucky to have such amazing people in our lives. It is exciting to start out our life together and we are glad that we are beginning the adventure together as we live happily ever Ryan...


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